The Team

Riverbend Studio is located in a big, beautiful 2,000 square foot studio in the Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago.  

Our little powerhouse of a team is made up of exceptional photographers, each with their own areas of specialty and experience. You will see many of their photos throughout this site.

The common ground that unites us is that we all love to create exceptional images and care deeply about our clients, giving each job 110%.


Robin Sloan


Owner + Principal Photographer

I established Riverbend Studio in 2005 and it has been a wonderful journey photographing hundreds of weddings.

Photographing a wedding is like being a photo ninja - situations flying at you from every angle at the same time! It is much more than just showing up with my camera and creating pretty photos.

I consider it my job to be part of your wedding team. From planning the timeline to the final wedding album design, I am in your corner helping create the best day ever.

My goal is to capture the day to reflect your style and personality, not mine.

📷 Photo of Ollie Dog & Robin by Amanda Sudimak, Artisan Events



Associate Photographer

Maggie began shooting with Riverbend Studio in 2006. She has photograph hundreds of wedding all over the world. Her wedding packages start at $4,250.

Our style and approach to photographing a wedding are almost identical. I would say Maggie’s images are a touch softer, sweeter and more artsy than mine. She is an artist to her core, she lives to create beautiful images.

Maggie is a calming personality on the wedding day, but don’t let that fool you, she takes control of the biggest, rowdiest, loudest families with a smile and strict voice to stay on time and schedule.

What sets Maggie apart from other photographers is how much she cares for her clients, she puts her soul into creating the best possible images.



Jessica brings a wealth of talent and sense of fashion to our team. She is an incredible fashion photographer and has an eye for style, posing and the smallest details. Her editorial style brings a fresh and different perspective to the mix.

She is as good behind the computer as she is behind the camera. The post production of a photo shoot is as important as the shoot itself and I am lucky to have Jessica work with me in the studio as well as on set/location.



First and foremost, Tara is my BFF. We met in college and started our photography career together shooting weddings, senior portraits... pretty much anything we could to gain experience. Life moves on and Tara followed her heart and her handsome husband to Melbourne, Australia where they live today.

Lucky for me (and you) she comes back to Chicago in the summer and is always ready to jump in and shoot with me whenever the stars align.

Tara B. is also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher with the Society of Holistic Therapists.   She makes mindfulness accessible with modern day practices to suit any lifestyle. Her practices can help you de-stress and learn to live in the moment.