Riverbend Studio has always been a part of my life.

My mother, an artist and lover of all things unique and beautiful, opened Riverbend Studio as a quaint boutique in 1970.

When I lost my wonderful mother to cancer, the realization that life is short and precious really hit home.

I left my job in advertising to focus on my passion of becoming a professional photographer.

That’s when Riverbend Studio was reinvented.

If my mother taught me how to me how to follow my heart and believe in my talents, my father helped me understand why you need a good business plan, a relentless work ethic and an even better accountant.

While I love being a photographer, becoming an entrepreneur is a dream come true.

I could never be one without the other.

Riverbend Studio has a lot to live up to and that legacy is a part of every decision I make.

~ Robin

Here is a photo of my mother, Sue Bradley, in 1998. This sign hangs in my photo studio today.

mom riverbend.jpg