Why Mom Should Be Ready First

Why Mom Should Be Ready First

Why Mom Should Be Ready First

Why are these photos better than most?

Hint: Because mom is in her beautiful dress, makeup done, and focusing all her attention on the bride.

Nothing ruins a great bride dressing photo like a hot pink plaid button-up shirt on mom.  We want to make sure she loves the way she looks in these important photos.

Make sure your mom and bridesmaids are dressed before you put on your wedding dress.

This tip is a double whammy in effectiveness and efficiency!

tell your mom-02.jpg

I love to pass along this simple advice to brides and their moms since it makes such a huge impact for both the flow of the day and set up a great photo opportunity.  

After all, we want your mom to love the way she looks in the photos too, right?!

This little insider secret has another benefit…  it gives Mom her own reveal moment to show off her outfit, also creating a wonderful photo opportunity, and more importantly a real-life moment for mom to shine.

Have your bridesmaids dress at the same time as your mom.  

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This creates a flawless flow to the start of the day. They are dressed and ready to give full attention to helping the bride while looking gorgeous in all the candid photos.

If you have ever been in a room with 10+ women getting ready at the same time you know it can be fun, festive … and a little chaotic!

This simple tip of dressing your bridesmaids and mom (and any other VIPs like Grandma, Aunts..) will give everyone the same goal - to be ready and done with their own outfits before you need their help.


They will love you for it too since they want to show off their gorgeous selves in the photos too.