4 tips for a happy photo shoot

4 tips for a happy photo shoot

One of the keys to a successful photo shoot is loving the way you look in the photos.  

Heard that before?!  Yes, I say it and say it, because it’s true!  When you feel beautiful and happy in real life, it comes through in the photos.

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Do you feel gorgeous after a long workday in the office?  I certainly don’t. That is why I recommend taking the engagement photo shoot day as a personal pampering day.  You deserve it. Enjoy your time as a bride, it is not all To Do lists and work!

But you still want to be efficient, and a great expert tip from the wedding planners over at Big City Bride is to schedule your makeup trial the same day as your E-shoot.  Who doesn’t love to multi-task?

I say take it a step further and plan a fun day… make it a date night after the shoot.  

Here are my four tips to a successful and happy photo shoot:

#1  Take the day off

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  • Schedule a workout, a massage, a brunch and then get a blowout and your make trial… whatever makes you feel happy and beautiful.

  • Make a date of it!  Schedule reservations on a fun, fancy Chicago rooftop or your favorite local place after the shoot.  When you look back at your engagement photo in the year to come you can also remember the fun day you spent together.

#2  Trail your make up artist

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  • You will want a more natural look than your wedding day, this is a great opportunity to trail your makeup artist.

  • Makeup tips for photos: Don’t go over the top, many people say “make up for the photos” but often that looks too heavy. If you are dressing more casual, make sure your makeup looks appropriate.

#3  Get a blowout or fresh haircut for the guys

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  • We will photograph your hair from every angle, make sure it’s on point.

#4 Bring lipstick and powder

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  • The most important beauty products for photos are simply lipstick and powder. Shiny foreheads happen.  I am happy to carry these along on our shoot and give you a few moments to touch up throughout.