Robin Sloan

fix it in photoshop

Robin Sloan
fix it in photoshop


Let’s talk about all the stuff you wonder… but won’t ask.

Cleavage, sweaty brows, height differences, a huge pimple on your forehead.. Yeah, it's the real life stuff that isn’t talked about, so let’s talk about it.

Let’s start with what can be retouched and what is difficult to do in post-production.

If you have something unsightly happening with your skin, hair, appearance…  it's important to let me know. After all, we are literally taking photos of the way you look!

Every photographer cringes at “oh you can fix that in Photoshop!”.  Retouching out a pimple in one photo is easy but in a hundred photos?!  That is hours of work that is not included in the e-shoot fee for most photographers.  

So if you have an issue that you do not like on your face, I would say to reschedule or wait to have your photo shoot.  It’s just easier than trying to deal with it after the fact.

I often have couples say there are worried about looking sweaty, and let’s say it, showing sweat through their shirts.  Pitting out is pretty normal in a photo shoot. Nerves, heat, a lot of energy. If you have a very hot day for your shoot, it's not a bad idea to bring a backup shirt and powder for touch-ups on *both* your faces.

0004_RBS ES.jpg

Photoshopping images is extremely time-consuming and most times much more difficult than people assume.  It is so much easier to pick up the random piece of trash on the street than retouch it out of dozens of photos.

0022_RBS ES.jpg

So rather than staying quiet and hoping it can “be retouched later”, please speak up - often we can come up with a much better solution.

The gist of all this is to talk about your concerns with your photographer before or during the shoot, it's one of the few times in life that you need to talk about all these little things that concern your appearance.