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How To Get The Sparkler Shot

CelebrationRobin Sloan
How To Get The Sparkler Shot

How To Get The Sparkler Shot

I adore this photo of Chrissy & Brady ending their wedding day with a perfect send-off through a tunnel of loved ones holding sparklers.  It looks like a spontaneous and fun idea, right?

I have so many requests from couples for a “sparkler photo” after they see this photograph. Before you begin thinking the same, I wanted to give you the behind the scenes on what all went into creating this photo.

Most of it doesn't have to do with your photographer catching the moment. The true success lies in the planning.

Here is the low down on how this photo happened:

1. Planning

Much planning and preparation went into this this photo. For example, we had to get permission from the venue. The wedding planner team organized to have additional help in getting everyone set in place. Lastly, we had a specific time carved out on the wedding timeline, in addition to having a pre-selected location scouted out for the shot.

2. Sparklers

You’ll need the 5 foot long sparklers to make this shot work. Unfortunately, the smaller ones burn out too quickly and do not create the tunnel shape.

3. Team

There is no chance a single photographer can organize this during the busy reception. The wedding planner team had additional help from the venue staff to gather the guests off the dance floor, light the sparklers, assist the inebriated wedding party (with the fire), and then they were on standby with jars of sand and water to put the sparklers out.  

4. Timing

This photo is best captured early in the evening. We often make it look like an end of the night shot, but it is so much easier to do this before the dancing kicks off. Additionally, this will save you money on not having your photographer stick around until the very end of the reception.

5. No Promises

There are so many pieces to this puzzle! You have to go in being ok with the fact that the photo may not turn out perfectly.  I have seen it all — it has rained, it has been too hot, not enough people have come outside, the lighting has been wrong, and the list goes on. All that said, it is a really fun moment on the wedding day and worth a try if you love this photo as much as I do.