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3 Things To Tell Your Photographer About Your First Dance

DancesRobin Sloan
3 Things To Tell Your Photographer About Your First Dance

3 Things To Tell Your Photographer About Your First Dance

The first dance is either a moment that couples look forward to, or dread on their wedding day. Very few are ambivalent about the first dance.

With all eyes on them as they take the dance floor, it sets the stage (literally) for a fabulous photo opportunity and allows for us as photographers to put our creativity into action.

In order to let your photographer do their job best, there are a few things that I suggest you share with them ahead of time.


#1  When & Where

Hopefully you have given your photographer a timeline of the reception before the wedding. If you haven’t, it’s important to let your photo and video team know when the first dances will take place. Some couples like to walk into the reception to a round of applause and immediately take the dance floor, while others prefer to wait until after dinner has been served. All that said, it’s very important that you communicate when and where you’ve chosen to do your first dance, so that your video and photo team can be in the right place.


#2  Surprises & Length

When it comes to first dances, I’ve truly seen it all. Many couples choose to put a good amount of effort into their first dance by seeking out lessons months in advance. Others prefer a more light-hearted and theatrical approach by surprising their guests with a wedding flash mob. I myself have been surprised by this so many times in the moment, looking up to see other people rush to the dance floor! While we normally can manage it just fine, it is always nice to know beforehand so we can be situated in the right place to capture all of the magic. After all, there are no do-overs on the dance floor!  


On the other end of the spectrum are the couples who maybe aren’t looking forward to having all eyes on them for their first dance. These couples often end up asking the DJ to cut their first dance short as they are dreading those three long minutes more than anything. There is nothing worse as a photographer when you’re searching for that perfect moment, for the perfect shot, and out of nowhere you hear the DJ, “Everybody put your hands together for …” only one minute into the song.


My point is, If you have anything out of the ordinary planned for your first dances, just make sure to let your photographer know ahead of time, and you’ll set everyone up for success!


3 Smile & Have Fun

This seems like a weird point to bring up, right? But if you can imagine, a bride and groom who have prepped for hours perfecting their ballroom dance moves, that during their first dance, they forget to smile. They are so focused on trying to remember every single step, that they forget to enjoy the moment. And trust me, the concentration shows on faces, and therefore, in photos. In these moments, I’m always waiting for a small misstep so that the bride and groom hopefully break a small smile. Just remember — have fun!

This is a once in a lifetime moment that you should enjoy.