Everything The Groom Should Know About The Wedding Morning

Everything The Groom Should Know About The Wedding Morning

Everything The Groom Should Know About The Wedding Morning

Without fail, during every final call with the bride and groom leading up to their wedding, I hear the same question from the groom, “What am I supposed to do with when the photographer shows up?”


It’s a great question to ask, and I can guarantee that your groom will be thrilled with the answer. Really, there is not much for the groom to plan on his side for the wedding morning! While the bride has a full morning of activities and photo lists, the guys are able to take a much more casual approach to the wedding morning.

Even so, here are a few of the top questions that your groom may be pondering for the morning of the wedding.

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Who should be there?

The best photos are of the groomsmen and any other VIPs in the room getting ready for the wedding day. This is a personal choice of course, but in terms of photography, it is a great opportunity for candid photos on the groom’s side. Some of the best photos come from the real-life moments of a dad helping his son with his tie, pinning his boutonniere, or toasting him with a glass of whiskey.


What should the groom have ready?

Any items that he wants to have detailed photographs of such as rings, gifts for the groomsmen, special items like grandpa’s cufflinks. Perhaps the guys are wearing fun socks or something unique for the wedding that you want to photograph. If so, remember to communicate this to the photographer so they know to capture this shot!


What kind of photos should the groom expect?

I can’t speak for all photographers, but I prefer to shoot mostly candidly during this time. The goal is to let the guys have fun and be themselves, all while getting used to having a camera pointed at them. Giving them a little extra time prior to the wedding to meet the photographer will help keep the photos throughout the night light-hearted and fun. I do try to incorporate in casual portraits, as these are much appreciated after the wedding (especially by the parents). I recommend portraits of brothers, fathers, grandfathers or any other VIPs during this time if they are in the room. You can learn more about that in the post The Groom’s Side.

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Last but not least, many grooms do not love this, but I always make sure to get a really great portrait of him. While he might not like it now, these portraits are the photos that are passed down for generations to come.