How To Set Up A Successful Bridal Reveal

How To Set Up A Successful Bridal Reveal

How To Set Up A Successful Bridal Reveal

Time to have fun! This is such a high-energy, emotionally charged moment you don’t want to miss it. Or your photographer to miss it.

Just like the others reveal moments, this one takes a little communication and planning for it all to work perfectly. But when it works… it can be a highlight of your wedding morning!

With the help of your mom or Maid of Honor you are officially dressed in your wedding gown and all your bridesmaids and family are dying to see you.  They have their phones poised and ready to shoot… so let’s make it magical.

Here are three steps to success.

1. Assign a point person, such as your Maid of Honor, to communicate the time for everyone to be back (dressed and ready themselves) in the brides getting ready room.  This way you are not waiting on them or walking into an empty room.

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2. Make sure everyone is in the room such as bridesmaids, mother in laws… anyone who would like to be there for this special moment.  This moment is as fun and special for them as it is for you.

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3. Drumroll… open the doors and enjoy the spotlight! This is the perfect time for your photographer to capture all the candid, real emotions in photos you will treasure.  It’s a great photo opportunity!

EXPERT TIP: Ask the girls to do a quick clean of the room. There is often half-empty cups of coffee and Mimosa’s sitting around terrifyingly close to tables edges.. And your white wedding dress.

Take it to the next level and have the champagne ready for a toast to your bridesmaids.  

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