Robin Sloan

#3 First Look

Robin Sloan
#3 First Look

#3 is the first look moment before the ceremony.

You may have guessed this moment would make it into my top ten list. And now you’re probably wondering the age old question, “Do I want to do a first look?”

It’s a personal and emotional choice, but here are a few reasons I think you should do a first look.

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate all of the hard work that you’ll have put into selecting every detail of your wedding day look. From your earrings, down to the color of your nail polish, you’ll have thought of it all.

For your groom, creating the time and space to take in every detail of you without the added pressure of all eyes on him is a very romantic and special moment to photograph.

A private first look can be as emotional as seeing you walk down the aisle.

Secondly, a first look will free up more time for you and your groom to enjoy your cocktail hour and reception together, as you’re able to take most of your photos prior to the ceremony (not to mention when you are looking most fresh!).

A first look earlier in the day extends your time together on the precious wedding day.

In the gallery below you will see the first look moment, the reactions, and the amazing moments (and photo oops) we have together before the ceremony.

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